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Wishing Stones on a Summer’s Day.

Just spent a lovely day at Meadowbrook doing some wet felting.  This is the second year we have had summer workshops to develop crafting ideas for our Holiday Faire.  Uli Brahmst who chairs the Holiday Faire committee organizes these creative sessions, preparing the conceptual ideas and providing the materials.  The feeling when one arrives is of adventure, freedom to explore.  Uli shares her deep understanding of artistic expression and her professional experience of technique with grace so that one feels almost anything might be possible.

On this first day of summer parents and children gathered under the shade trees with wool, rocks and buckets of hot, soapy water to experiment with color and form.  We began by making wishing stones.  The younger children particularly enjoyed wrapping the smooth, palm sized rocks in layers of colorful wool which they then rubbed into cheery, felt overcoats.  Something mysteriously transformative happens in this work; the lightness of wool meets the heft of rock, airy wool firms to soften unyielding stone.  As I hold a wishing stone in my hand, I feel there is something of a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ about it, a wishing stone that reminds me to weigh my choices wisely before I wish.

Uli works on a bowl using differing earth tones for the inner and outer walls.

A selection of the day's work.

Afternoon, and the parents and high schoolers have moved on to shaping vessels using the forms of larger stones or flat cardboard shapes.  This time a small hole is snipped in the wool coat and the stone is eased out (birthed the mothers decided), revealing an inner surface and a different function.  Wet felting is a very forgiving medium, the unexpected happens joyfully often and everyone easily produces pieces that are beautiful.

The next workshop will be on July 20th, everyone is welcome.  Leave a comment below if you would like more details, or if you have ideas or stories to share.

6 thoughts on “Wishing Stones on a Summer’s Day.

      • 10 til 4 at Uli’s studio – email her for more details, her address is in the directory. You could also ‘like’ the Meadowbrook Waldorf School page on Facebook for updates on these and other activities.
        You can come for all or part of July’s Holiday Faire workshop, with kids or without. These sessions are a kind of brainstorming for the hands; each person’s input informs the whole so the differing skill levels and perspectives really make it interesting.
        Hope to see you there!

  1. What a beautiful article about a beautiful day. Allie and I had a wonderful time and look forward to participating in the next workshop.

  2. Thanks Elizabeth! I put the wrong date for the next workshop in the original post – we will meet on Wednesday, July 20th.
    Hope to see you then.

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