Rocker Boards for Sale at the Holiday Faire


What is a Waldorf Toy?
A toy is considered a Waldorf toy when it is made from natural materials and invites open ended play that engages a child’s imagination.

What makes a Rocker Board a Waldorf Toy?
Rocker boards are simple curved wooden boards usually made from layered plywood and finished smooth. They are a favorite play item in our younger grades and can be found in each of the early childhood classrooms.  Standing on the rocker boards develop a child’s sense of balance and core strength, but this is by no means their only function!

rockerboard2There are many ways to play with a rocker board.
We have seen them used as a marble run launch, a bridge for either a child or toy cars or over a blue silk pond for a game of fishing.  They can be used as a cradle for a baby doll or a very small child might curl up in it and rock.  They are used to scoot across a room and as a pretend horse.  We have also seen them used as a slide when propped up on a sturdy piece of furniture. Your child will show you the limitless possibilities and why it is a very popular Waldorf toy.

These curved wooden boards are crafted by a local artisan and will be featured in the Holiday Faire Marketplace.

Suitable for ages 3+.

Come join in the festivities at the Meadowbrook Waldorf School Holiday Faire.
Saturday, November 23rd from 6-9PM (Adults’ Night)
Sunday, November 24th from 10-4 (Family Day)

Holiday Faire Store – Ostheimer Wooden Toys

“Play is at the very core of a child’s life. It is the way children learn about the environment, the people in their lives, and most of all about themselves. Toys are the tools of creative play and with the right toys, a child can have not only an entertaining, but an enriching experience.” – Margarate Ostheimer

ostheimer-11112_bigWe are proud to offer an assortment of Ostheimer Wooden Toys at the Holiday Faire store.  These heirloom quality hand-crafted toys are imported from Germany.    Ostheimer has a varied collection that includes farm animals, people, flower children, and woodland animals as well as doll houses and farms.  Children love holding these pieces. The edges are curved and softened from careful sanding.  Transparent colors reveal the character of the hardwood from which they are shaped.   Ostheimer toys are a favorite in the Meadowbrook Waldorf School early childhood classrooms.

From the Ostheimer website:

ostheimer-25082_bigOstheimer have been hand crafting fine wooden toys for more than 50 years. They have a very high reputation for traditional wooden toys of the highest quality and are appreciated around the world. The figures are produced and finished individually in Germany. The quality of their pieces are fantastic. Each item is designed to be handed down from generation to generation.

Margarete Ostheimer began a collection of toys which today, more than ever, is justified and necessary. The collection was established fifty years ago as an alternative to a “plastic world” and is today a necessary counterweight to the “high tech world” of the playroom.


Ostheimer toys are a very special feature of our Holiday Faire store. They are carried by a limited number of online retailers and rarely in a brick and mortar storefront.  This is a unique opportunity to appreciate the figures up close prior to purchase. Be sure to stop by the Ostheimer table to see these beautifully made toys to begin your collection or add to an existing one.  Also be sure to visit our 2013 Holiday Faire pinterest board to see the other wonderful items being offered this year.

*Selected images are examples and may not be the specific items available at the store.

Come join in the festivities at the Meadowbrook Waldorf School Holiday Faire. Saturday, November 23rd from 6-9 PM (Adults’ Night)
Sunday, November 24th from 10-4 (Family Day) 

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Featured Item at the Holiday Faire Store: Hand-Crafted Balance Boards

Contributed by Renee Kent

These unique hand made wooden balance boards were a big hit at the 2012 Holiday Faire.  Crafted by a Meadowbrook Waldorf School parent, these beautiful boards are very durable and stained a soft rainbow pastel.

For any age, regular use of a balance board improves core strength and reaction time. They can also be used to increase the difficulty of another activity, such as doing push-ups, or swinging a baseball bat.  Children simply love the physical challenge of balancing.  A limited amount of these boards will be featured in the Holiday Faire store. They sold out quickly last year, so be sure to look for them early!

Watch this video of the balance board in action!

Come join in the festivities at the Meadowbrook Waldorf School Holiday Faire.
Saturday, November 23rd from 6-9PM (Adults’ Night)
Sunday, November 24th from 10-4 (Family Day)


Engaging Toys and Activities for Children

Since we no longer have television in our home, friends often ask me how my kids stay “busy” and entertained.  I’ve decided to post about some of the activities, games and toys we have around the house that keep them engaged along with products I personally love.

Marble Runs: One of the toys and activities that have endless entertainment value for boys and girls of all ages are Marble Runs.  You don’t have to start with a big expensive set, add-on kits are always available and are a great suggestion when  friends and family are stuck for gift ideas.  If you are handy you can make your own or watch as your child creates all kinds of clever inventions using ordinary objects as inspiration – hours of entertainment. 


DIY Kits: Now that my children are more independent they love to sit down with an activity that they can accomplish on their own, and I love the Do it Yourself kits that come packaged with instructions. It’s also simple to create your own, package it, and write your own instructions. You can find tons of DIY ideas on Pinterest by searching DIY, and then clicking “through” the actual image to the originating website. I love this clever DIY gift that was made for fort enthusiasts, an assortment of fort building supplies in a canvas bag with a home printed label attached.


Felting Projects: Each Fall we usually pull out our big basket of felting supplies, the wooly puffs of rainbow colors are lovely on a gray day. My kids love to work on felting projects while they listen to stories. Felting has two benefits – like any craft the activity itself is soothing and fun, then the end product can be given as gifts to friends or grandparents.  Each year I try to add some more wool, needles, or felting books for our collection. For ‘new felters’ you can get special protected needles so that they don’t stick themselves and forms such as cookie cutters which can also keep fingers safe.  For the very young, a kit for wet-felting is a fun way to start.

Felting is great for the older kids!

Dress Up Box: So many parents I know have told me that their kids enjoy dressing up all throughout their childhood. The younger kids love the pretend play aspect of Knights and Fairies, while older children might like the challenge of putting on a play or performance with accessories of all kinds.  Think about adding to your collection of dress up to make it fresh and inspiring again by taking a browse inside a vintage store where you might pick up an inexpensive hat or a magnificent frock for the kids.  Challenge them by having them create a theatrical performance -complete with scripts, props, and scenery. Invite friends over to watch the performance!

Blocks, Blocks, Blocks and More Blocks: The play value of blocks is endless and our family has bins of various shapes, sizes, and brands.  Whenever I can add to the collection with a set that gives it some new dimension. I am particularly fond of blocks from Grimms Toys (Germany) .  I love the colors and shapes, and pairing blocks with wooden animals, dolls, or felted creatures can be great fun.  My kids also love to partner blocks with silks (also a must for the dress up box!) so that they create landscapes, or use them as a covering to make caves where little creatures can burrow.

Blocks make great roadways for cars, amazing structural support for marble runs, or just for plain good old-fashioned architectural design!

Share some ideas of your own at home success stories by using the comment box below! We’d love to hear from you and share your ideas with our growing Waldorf community!