Motherhood and Mountain Climbing

These are the reflections of Tabitha Jorgensen who joined the Meadowbrook Waldorf School community more than 12 years ago when her eldest son began kindergarten. He has since graduated from high school but Tabitha has three younger children at the Meadowbrook. She is currently the Enrollment Coordinator and Latin teacher.

Tabitha and her sister on the mountain

So I decided to climb a mountain for my 40th birthday. Not a small mountain, but Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. A sleep outside for 9 nights, no running water, altitude sickness, sub-zero at the top kind of a mountain.

Mt Kilimanjaro

Why would I want to do this you may ask? A legitimate question – when I invited my sister to come with me, she responded that for her 40th we would be doing something sensible like drinking wine in Italy. She, of course came out obligation and duty.  But truly, as this birthday approached, I could feel my life changing in profound ways. Continue reading →