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Kids Crafts, Not Just For Kids

Contributed by Kyle MacDonald Stolaroff

“Piece of cake,” I thought to myself last year when I signed up to help out with Kids Crafts for the Holiday Faire, after all, I am an artist by trade.  I went to the first volunteer training and to my dismay discovered that one of the four craft projects chosen was Origami, “The Eight Pointed Transforming Star” to be exact.  I felt a knot in my stomach as childhood memories of failed geometry tests and incomprehensible Origami instructions filled my head.

As a group, we watched a YouTube video, which described in detail how to create the Transforming Star.  At the end, I timidly raised my hand and asked if anyone else thought that this was too difficult for the kids.  I was assured that this project was targeted for the “older” kids and teens, who sometimes felt that the Kids Crafts weren’t for them.

Mike B., one of the other volunteers, very casually began to fold the paper in front of him, and in less than 2 minutes flat, had created the first, perfectly executed, example for the rest of us to follow.  “This guy must be a Rocket Scientist,” I thought to myself as I looked down at the torn and crumpled papers hidden in my lap.  After what seemed like an agonizing hour of folding and refolding, I had completed my first star. I knew that I would be ok as long as I was assigned to the room with the beautiful bamboo trays, decoupage votives, or adorable handmade dolls.

Holiday Faire 232The morning of the Faire, I was relieved to find myself at the doll table, across the room from Origami.  Intrigued, I watched all day from afar as kids as young as six easily and joyfully made Transforming Stars. The look of excitement and wonder on their faces as they opened and closed their beautiful paper stars was priceless.  The kids’ enthusiasm and willingness to try something new inspired me.  As the day wore on, I felt emboldened to try again.  I went over to sit with my friend Mike B.  With his patient guidance and my newly cultivated beginners mind, I started to fold.  To my surprise and delight, I completed a lovely Eight Pointed Transforming Star in less than 2 minutes flat!  Whether you are a kid, big or small, or an adult who likes to be challenged, enchanted and surprised, Kids Crafts is a wonderful experience for all.

Come join in the festivities at the

Meadowbrook Waldorf School Holiday Faire.

Saturday, November 23rd from 6-9 PM (Adults’ Night)

Sunday, November 24th from 10-4 (Family Day) 

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