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Holiday Faire Magic: Gnomes and Fairies Return to the Crystal Cave

Contributed by Kristen Morelli

Join us at the Meadowbrook Waldorf School Holiday Faire, where an Early Childhood classroom magically transforms into a Crystal Cave (formerly called the Gnome Cave).

Visit the Crystal Cave, where gnomes and fairies make their homes among the darkness of the forest. Hear the sounds of the wilderness. See miniature houses, rivers, mountains, mushrooms, birds, pumpkins, and crystals, where everything sparkles with twinkling holiday lights and magical fairy dust.

The Crystal Cave was born several years ago from the creative mind of alumni parent, Jill Buckley. It quickly became a Faire favorite among young children. We are grateful that Jill has agreed to lend her artistic talent again this year.

Children are invited to enjoy the cave alone, although younger children may prefer to be accompanied by an adult.

Don’t forget to travel quietly through the cave, so as not to disturb our little gnome and fairy friends who have come to visit. Also, travel slowly so you don’t miss any of our friends hidden in small holes throughout the forest. Make sure to say “Hello,” but don’t touch, because they are very shy.

The Crystal Cave is a popular attraction, so you might want to visit earlier or later in the day.

Come join in the festivities at the Meadowbrook Waldorf School Holiday Faire. 

Saturday, November 23rd from 6-9 PM (Adults’ Night)

Sunday, November 24th from 10-4 (Family Day) 

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