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  1. Oatz” Ok Liberal POV insert blame Bush rant here, fact is Obama cagpaimned over two years for the job its time he grew stones and accepted responsibility for his actions.”When did those costly wars the Republicans started end?What would one set of war zone tires cost for one of the tens of thousands of trucks we are wearing out looking for a few real terrorist?

  2. Actually its a line of thinking somewhat like Walter Benjamin and Jean Epstein and I have to admit, the expression of the thought could have been more elaborate and is linked to the ”femininity” of both. I read something about Deleuze and Guattari on Chaplin. There is a complementary blog on Nonsensegrandcentral.com which I will complete, or make it longer; I,ll explain better the thinking regarding repression on that. hopefully within a day or two and hopefully the D&G analysis will make things clearer for me as well.

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