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Adult Night Out at the Holiday Faire

Contributed by Aimee Gardiner

When you hear about the Holiday Faire Adults’ night, what comes to mind for you? Perhaps, shopping?  Spending money?  Finding a babysitter?

Let me tell you how it is so much more! It is an experience you will enjoy and look forward to next year.

My name is Aimee and I have two children; one is in his 7th year attending Meadowbrook Waldorf School. My youngest and I participate in the parent-child classes. The school community and the joy of the Waldorf curriculum have made a lasting impression on my whole family. The creativity of the Waldorf way and the smiles it brings to everyone who encounters it is inspiring. I love being a Waldorf parent.

Now that you know about me, let’s talk about the wonders of the Meadowbrook Waldorf School Holiday Faire Adults’ Night.

Imagine walking through a dream world of pure imagination and magic. Now imagine a place exists that can successfully harness this feeling for you to experience it in real life. This is the  MWS Holiday Faire! The Faire brings forth delight for all who attend. Ethereal décor combined with holiday ambiance transform the school grounds for this weekend event. Magic lives and breathes here all year long, but for the Holiday Faire weekend, it is brought to life and open to the public.

Are you thinking I am nuts yet? That this is some nonsense sales pitch?
Well, I may be nuts in some ways, but I assure you this description is not!

This is truly the best way for me to depict the Holiday Faire. This is an event you must see and experience to fully understand.

Saturday night is held for the adults to come together and celebrate the holiday season. Grab all your buddies and make it a night out for everyone. Shopping at our school store is of course a main attraction, but what about the bonfire, the music, and unique craftwork? All of these things are happening with style on Saturday evening.

One of the most exciting times of the night is the live auction! There is a silent auction with many items to bid on; however, the live auction items are high-quality unique pieces that can only be won if you are present to bid.

Adult night is also a chance to preview the school’s beautiful transformation for the Holiday Faire with gorgeous decorations and artwork contributed by many talented people in our community.

This night is a time of friendship, community, joy, comfort, sharing, relaxation, and most importantly… FUN!  This is a time to bring friends and make new ones. A time to enjoy the crisp evening air around the bonfire. A chance to relax, smile, and immerse yourself in the moment.  Of course, shopping for high quality items in our well appointed Holiday Faire store and bidding on unique and terrific auctions items is a great way to spend an evening, too.

So mark your calendar and round up your friends as we gather for an evening of merriment at this sparkling holiday celebration.

Come join in the festivities at the Meadowbrook Waldorf School Holiday Faire. Saturday, November 23rd from 6-9 PM (Adults’ Night)
Sunday, November 24th from 10-4 (Family Day) 

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