School History

School_History_Martinams_LightsThe Meadowbrook Waldorf School was formed by a group of dedicated parents and teachers committed to bringing Waldorf education to their children and community. They succeeded in their efforts to establish an early childhood and grade school outside of home settings in 1988. The school was formally recognized by the Federal and State governments in 1979.

Meadowbrook went through several cycles of expansion and contraction as it struggled to find a permanent location. In 1999, the faculty initiated a profoundly altered way of working that set the school on the path to its current stability. Consequently, the school with the support of its community purchased the 28 acre site on Rt 138, in Richmond, RI where the school now stands. The present campus opened in 2007.


Looking to the Future...

The school’s long range strategic plan envisions adding buildings and programs over the next 15 years. This master plan has received town zoning and final planning approval, and includes the grade school, crafts buildings, an early childhood center, a high school, caretaker residence, performance auditorium and an adult education center.

Site Design and Development by Ian O'Brien | Background painting by Nicole Besack | Select Photos by Monica Rodgers and Seth Jacobson