Community Life

Meadowbrook is a learning community, for adults as well as for children. Our school has a vibrant festival life where we welcome parents, grandparents and friends to join the children in celebrating the turning of the seasons. Parents enrich the experience of the children by volunteering their time, skills, and professional expertise through the Meadowbrook Parents Association (MPA). Friendships forged while working together often last a lifetime and  we enjoy close relationships with our growing body of alumni families.

MWS opens its doors to the local and regional communities and hosts educational events for adults. Offerings include professional development opportunities for teachers and others working in the field of child development. The MWS Holiday Faire has been a tradition for South County families for more than 30 years. If you would like to know more about us, come to an Open House, or contact Christine Martuscello to register for a Visitors Day tour of the classrooms.


Community Gatherings

Seasonal Festivals

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Friendships for Life

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