About Us

About MWSMeadowbrook Waldorf School is an elementary school for children in prekindergarten through grade 8. We also offer parenting and other adult education classes. We are an Independent School licensed by the state of RI, and are a member of the Independent Schools Association of Rhode Island (ISARI). The school has approximately 160 students.

The curriculum includes core academic subjects enriched in all grades with foreign language, practical arts, music, drama, movement and fine arts. Our classes are taught by experienced teachers trained in the international Waldorf curriculum. The school is a voting member of the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA).

Our campus has 28 acres of woods, streams, magical glades and enticing hills on Route 138 in Richmond, 3 miles east of I-95 exit 3A. The children play in outdoor playgrounds and each class has a garden plot to care for as well. We enjoy showing off our school so contact us for a tour.


Mission Statement

About MWS 2The Mission of the Meadowbrook Waldorf School is educating children from Early Childhood through 8th Grade, and supporting the development of a high school and a learning community of children and adults. Through the education offered at this school, children are supported in unfolding their individual capacities for living in the modern world, so that as free human beings, they may take up their life’s tasks.

This classical, academic education embraces the child through movement, practical work, artistic training, and through entering thoughtfully into the story of humankind. The origin of this education lives in the understanding of the whole human being as body, soul and spirit; the pedagogy is based upon the work of Rudolf Steiner, and has grown into the worldwide Waldorf school movement.

The School strives to offer this education to those who seek it here and invites a community which reflects the breadth and diversity of humanity. This school endeavors to nurture living organizational structures which cultivate respect, trust and love for the developing human being. The members of the Meadowbrook Waldorf School community support the mission of this school and contribute their activities so that the ideals of Waldorf education may have a certain and secure future in Rhode Island.

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