Chocolate, Cheese & Wine – with Books!

Our annual sale of gently used books is back with even more to offer this year. Don’t miss this fun night out!  There will be no used book room at the Holiday Faire this year so this event is your only chance to get some great previously-loved books for a bargain price while supporting Meadowbrook.

chocolate_wine_book_saleWhen:   Thursday, Nov 12  from 6-9 pm &
Friday, Nov 13 from 8:30-11 am
& 6 -9 pm  – Click here to RSVP!

Where:  Earth Care Farm (The Loft)
89A Country Drive
Charlestown, RI 02813

Suggested Donation: $10 (at door)


MWS parents Jill Dockray and Erica LePore have once again collected tons of amazing used books and are spending countless hours sorting them to make browsing easier for you. They will have chocolate, cheese, and wine to enjoy while you shop so come with your wish list or find something unexpected. As always, there will be hundreds of used books by fabulous authors in all genres for both children and adults and Jill and Erica will be on hand to help with book suggestions. If you love books, you’ll love this event.  Everyone loves chocolate, cheese and wine so you really can’t go wrong!

This year the event includes a book signing by local author, Jeanine Silversmith.  Pick up your copy of the Rhode Island Family Hiking Guide along with some other GREAT holiday gifts, including food gift baskets and simple DIY centerpieces to give to a friend or keep for yourself.

All proceeds benefit the Meadowbrook Waldorf School.  See you there!

This is part of our annual fundraising associated with the Holiday Faire coming up on November 21st.


Martinmas – A Path to our Inner Light

Sarah Wiberg (Meadowbrook Parent Child Teacher) and Nancy St. Vincent (Early Childhood Class Teacher) describe Martinmas and the introspection encouraged through the fall festivals of a Waldorf School. 

inner light, martinmas, lantern walk

Photo Credit: Seth Jacobson Photography

Autumn is a time to reflect on our inner selves

As the leaves change and the world puts on a beautiful autumnal cloak of orange, red, and yellow, we are reminded that winter is coming.  There is much we do to prepare for winter. We may gather firewood, put our gardens to rest or finish canning the bounty of the harvest.  But this time of year, with its shorter days and longer nights, not only prompts us to complete the familiar external preparations, but can also be a time of inner preparation.

Autumn is a time to reflect on our inner selves, to find the inner light that will carry us through this time of darkness. It can be a time to look forward to, with its opportunity to know ourselves in a deeper way.  Waldorf schools mark this season of inner searching with three fall festivals to help guide us on this path of introspection.  In September, we celebrate Michaelmas and St. Michael urges us to battle with courage to face and vanquish our “dragons”.  In early November, we celebrate Martinmas and observe St. Martin’s compassion for others.  In December, St. Nicholas brings the gifts of wisdom, reflection, and review upon the events of the year.  These three figures model strength in the qualities of willing, feeling and thinking.

The festival of Martinmas asks us as striving adults to bring forth our inner light and share it with those around us.

At the festival of Martinmas we hear the story of St. Martin, a Roman soldier who lived in the fourth century.  As St. Martin approached the city gates at Amiens, he came upon a poor beggar who was shivering with cold.  St. Martin, who lived in the utmost of simplicity himself and had nothing to give the beggar, drew his sword and cut his own cloak in two and offered half to the beggar.  The following night, Christ appeared to St. Martin in a dream wearing the half-cloak he had given and said, “Martin has covered me with this garment.”

With St. Martin’s example, Martinmas encourages us to meet each other with a compassionate, giving heart.  It asks us as striving adults to bring forth our inner light and share it with those around us.

The Martinmas lantern walk lights this path. 

At Meadowbrook Waldorf School, we celebrate this festival with the Martinmas Lantern Walk.  We begin the week before with the children in Kindergarten, First, and Second Grades making lanterns in school.  On the night of the Martinmas celebration, the children and parents arrive at school to see a marionette performance of Spindlewood, the story of a girl who has an encounter with Mother Earth as she is preparing for winter.  This story depicts the outer world of earth going to sleep while the inner world is coming alive.  Following the performance, the children and families walk with their class through the forest surrounding the school singing songs of light.  Carrying the lanterns they have made, it is like witnessing many beautiful stars joyfully winding a the path through the woods.  Afterward, the children and families leave in a mood of quiet reverence, carrying their light out into the world.

“I walk with my little lantern, my lantern, myself and I.

Up yonder bright little stars shine, down here were stars to the sky.

The new moon shines, the cat meows…

La bimmel, la bummel, la boom…”




A Quiet Place in a Busy World

holiday_faire_quiet_momentA Quiet Place in a Busy World

Our theme this year for our 17th Annual Holiday Faire is “A Quiet Place in a Busy World”. As parents, we all feel the challenge of finding balance in managing our day-to-day lives. And for many of us, this balancing act gets trickier around the holidays.   It is difficult to carve out quiet, meaningful moments during a season filled with travel, social obligations, concerts and recitals, and unbridled gift giving.

Balancing joy with reverence, or action with reflection, is a characteristic of Waldorf Education. In our school, the children’s days are spent learning both indoors and outside, academic subjects are suffused with artistic activity, and seatwork is offset by physical activity. The bar is set high for achievement and personal responsibility, but there are equivalent expectations for empathy and collaboration.

Holiday_Faire_readingThe Holiday Faire strives for a balanced experience.

Given our long record of encouraging equilibrium, it is not surprising that our Holiday Faire strives for balance. It is certainly a joyful, lively event, but there are many quiet moments for families to enjoy together. There is the wonder of the Crystal Cave, and the dreamy marionette performance for the youngest among us. For the older children there are crafts and candle dipping. For adults there is the new Parenting Resource Room with parenting books, information on local goods and services, and a quiet space to share a picture book with your child. Finally, there is the opportunity to browse our outstanding Holiday Store to find beautiful, simple, meaningful gifts to share with friends and families.

Come and Visit us on November 21

We hope your family will join us on Saturday, November 21 and find this to be a beautiful and thoughtful way to start this joyful and contemplative holiday season.